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Let us introduce ourselves. We are USA Masters Academy, and we have been
established since 1987. We are a traditional martial art academy with a
contemporary approach. We believe in promoting the martial arts that were taught
many thousand years ago, which emphasizes traditional virtues such as courage,
honor, loyalty, perseverance, chivalry, respect and discipline.
USA Masters Academy
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Canandaigua Center
4340 Recreation Drive
Canandaigua, New York 14424
585 394 7240
"LET US RECOGNIZE that Kuek's Martial Arts, Inc. and the USA Masters Academy regularly contributes to our community
through their involvement in community promotions and activities;                                  
THEREFORE LET IT BE KNOWN that the Canandaigua community acknowledges the contribution of Kuek's Martial Arts,
Inc. and wishes them continued success in future years."   
                                                                                                                    Mayor Ellen Polimeni, City of Canandaigua   
Geneva Tai Ji
City of Geneva
Recreation Pgm
Geneva, NY
(315) 789-5005
Endless Mountains
Kwok Wu Chuen Academy
211 Desmond Street
Sayre, PA
(607) 742-7242
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USA Masters Academy and its affiliate schools teach the
Kwok Wu Chuen Martial Arts System, which focuses on:
I)  Life Skills   
the development of character and positive traits.
II) Defensive Skills   
the ability to defend oneself and the courage to face adversity,
promotes self-confidence and self-empowerment.
III) Fitness Skills
being physically and mentally fit which leads to a more
healthy and productive citizen.
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