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We would like to welcome you to our website.
Let us introduce ourselves. We are USA Masters Academy, and we were established in 1987 by
Master Kenny Kuek. We are a traditional martial art academy with a contemporary approach. We believe
in promoting the martial arts that were taught many thousand years ago, which emphasizes traditional
virtues such as courage, honor, loyalty, perseverance, chivalry, respect and discipline.
NEW Students and Parents
We strongly encourage any new students to enroll in our
no obligation INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM. This will give
the student and guardian an opportunity to get to know us
and learn about USA Masters Academy, its life philosophy,
proven  teaching methods,  life skill  benefits,  exciting
activities and many features.

Online Introductory Program is $39.95, and  
because we believe in our program we will pay
you $20.00 to try it.  
It will only cost you $19.95!!!
Canandaigua Campus
585 394 7240
4340 Recreation Drive
Canandaigua, New York 14424
Special Seminars &
If you are interested in a
demonstration or a seminar
focused on safety,
leadership, bully defense,
women’s self-defense,
general self-defense, or
others, for children or
adults, please contact us.
We are able to conduct
seminars at your site.
USA Masters Academy
Where Life's Victories Start
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You will receive the following:
One Private Orientation, One Group Lesson,
One Private Lesson
Call Now to receive these limited time only FREE GIFTS:
One Academy T-Shirt , One Commemorative Medal,
One Official White Belt, SAFETY Program
(Valued at  $129.00)

In ADDITION, we are including:
For KIDS  -  Tips to Handle  BULLYING and Strategies to
For ADULTS  -  3 Tips to RELIEVE STRESS and
Simple SELF-DEFENSE Techniques

100% Guarantee - After participating in the Introductory
Program, and if you are not satisfied,  
we will refund to
you $19.95
and you can keep all the above benefits!!   
This is how confident we are that you will love our program!
Tai Ji Chuen (Tai Chi) Wellness Program                  Moving  Meditation
Learn the exciting ancient Chinese martial art of fitness, wellness,
and longevity. Tai Ji is a soft, light and agile martial art system suitable
for both men and women. It is particularly beneficial for mature adults.
This slow, gentle, rhythmic exercise has the following benefits:

Manages stress                                   Increases Energy     
Regulates blood circulation                 Tones the heart muscles
Clears the mind                                    Improves concentration
Improves coordination                          Self defense
Improves balance                                 Enhances vitality

The practice of Tai Ji is used to foster a calm, tranquil mind, focused on the precise execution of these exercises.
Learning to do them correctly provides a practical avenue for learning about such things as balance, alignment, fine-
scale motor control, rhythm of movement, the genesis of movement from the body’s vital center, and so on. Thus the
practice of Tai Ji can contribute to the improvement of one’s quality of life. The Emory School of Medicine , Atlanta,
Ga., and The University of Connecticut Health Center , Farmington, CT., have performed studies to evaluate the
effects of Tai Ji on individuals. These studies have conclusively shown that the participants experienced improved
health while practicing a Tai Ji regime.
Youth & Adult Programs
USA Masters Academy offers exciting adult programs for all levels of skill. Our
programs are designed for women, youth, men, parents and grandparents, because
everyone can benefit from the study of martial arts at USA Masters Academy. We
emphasize the positive attributes of our students, helping them to improve all aspects
of their life, and achieve higher goals. We teach traditional martial arts with a
contemporary approach which focuses on overall wellness, defensive training and
life philosophy. Our training program is an excellent form of physical fitness designed
especially for you. There has been an upsurge in violent attacks in recent years. Our
program helps to condition a person physically and emotionally to handle such situations.
The program, itself, is a set of workouts designed to increase the participant's fitness
and mental alertness, as well as alleviate stress, thus increasing one's productivity.
Victor Campus
585 924 8111
407 Commerce Drive, Suite 300
Victor, New York 14564
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Fund Raisers For Your Organization
We would like to help your organization raise funds. We have developed several programs to make It simple and easy. All
you have to do is make an appointment with us and we will give you step by step instruction to achieve your goals.
Children's Programs
Our specialized children's program is a good, clean, and healthy activity for kids.
It is a  great way to give kids a head start on life. At USA MASTERS ACADEMY,
they'll learn the benefits of self-discipline and confidence. They will also develop
concentration, and increase strength and flexibility. The structure of respect is built
into our Kwok Wu Chuen Program. Children develop the ability to listen, learn,
focus, and achieve within a highly regulated environment. This proves to be excellent
reinforcement of study techniques and habits for school. Our children's safety program
emphasizes ways to handle bullies and adverse situations, and promotes leadership
skills. Our training promotes non-violent resolutions to conflict. Our methods help
children to explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises.  
Our program also emphasizes the importance of physical and mental fitness to control
obesity among children, and leads to a healthy life style.
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Endless Mountains Kwok Wu Chuen
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Agape Black Belt Center
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Affiliated Schools
Corporate Workshops & Seminars
We are able to customize or tailor Workshops or Seminars to be held on your site. The most common
workshops we conduct are Corporate Team Building, Self-Defense & Empowerment, Stress Management,
Home & Work Place Safety and Self-Awareness. These workshops vary from 1 hour sessions to two day
camps. If you are interested please give us a call at 585-394-7240.

Grand Opening!
USA Masters Academy
Victor Campus
407 Commerce Dr., Suite 300
Victor, NY
585 924 8111
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Corning-Painted Post Campus
607 936 2400
140 Village Square
Painted Post, New York 14870